Foods to avoid when you have BRACES

Careful attention to the foods you eat is essential to the success of your orthodontic treatment. hard and crunchy foods will break braces and bend your arch wires. Sticky and chewy foods may cause poking wires and stick to your braces.

Foods to Avoid

Sticky, Chewy CandySticky, Chewy CandyPopcornPopcornNutsNutsHard CandyHard CandyCaramelCaramel
Hard CookiesHard CookiesGumGumRemove Meat from Boneremove meat from boneHard Shell Tacohard shell tacoNo Chewing on Mouth Guards or Opening Bottles with TeethNo chewing on mouth guards
Pizza Crustpizza crustThick Chipsthick chipsCorn on the Cobcorn on the cobToasted Bagelstoasted bagelsIce Cubesice cubes

These things should NEVER go in your mouth!

These things should never go in your mouth

Fruits and Vegetables need to be cut into Bite Size Pieces

fruits and vegetables