Mongiovi Orthodontics provides orthodontic services for children, teens and adults. We strive to provide the highest standard of care at all stages of orthodontic treatment. We will establish a treatment plan that is tailored to the needs of the patient. We have early treatment options that address growth and development concerns as well as traditional metal and clear braces. Dr. Mongiovi is also a Premier Invisalign Provider. Invisalign is a clear system of custom aligners that move teeth gently. It is an alternative to traditional braces that both adults and teens can enjoy. It is important to seek the opinion of an experienced Orthodontic Specialist when making treatment decisions!

Your smile is a very important part of who you are… it is your greeting to the world! However, not everyone is born with beautiful teeth. Crooked teeth and spaces between teeth can be a source of embarrassment and may cause self-consciousness. Improperly aligned teeth and jaws, which is called a malocclusion, can lead to a host of dental disorders.

There is good news… with the help of your Orthodontist, your smile will be beautiful! Children and adults can both benefit from orthodontics, because healthy teeth can be moved at almost any age. By straightening crowding or protruding teeth and properly aligning teeth, dental hygiene becomes easier and you can show the world your beautiful smile!

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